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July-December 2001

Table of Contents


Many Body Effects in Elementary Processes Occurring at Solid Surfaces PDF
Hideaki Kasai
THz Radiation from High-Tc Superconducting Materials and Its Applications PDF
Masanori Hangyo
Helium Rydberg Atoms in a Strong Magnetic Field: A Classical View on Atomic Physics PDF
Kees Karremans
A Report on the Initial Growth of GaAs and A1GaAs via Molecular Beam Epitaxy PDF
A. Somintac, R. Sarmiento, L. Guiao, A. Salvador
Space Charge Field Generation and Thermal Effect in a Dye-Doped Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell PDF
R. Amor, D. Palima, M. Daza, Z. Domingo
Mechanism of Flux-flow Activation in C-axis oriented Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ Thin Films PDF
C. de la Cruz, L. Guerra, R. Sarmago, A. Salvador
The Mixed State in '1212' Superconductors PDF
Albert A. Gapud, Judy Z. Wu, Byeongwon Kang
Silicon Nitride (SiNxHy) by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition PDF
R. L. Manay, V. Y. Abellana, R. V. Sarmago
Optical Depth Measurements of Clouds Using a Mie Scattering LIDAR System PDF
Nofel Lagrosas, John Holdsworth, Jose Villarin, S.J.
Density Measurements of Negative Hydrogen Ions Using Mass Spectrometer PDF
Y. Abate, M. Arciaga, H. Ramos
Photocurrent Spectroscopy of a Resonant Cavity Enhanced Photodetector PDF
N. A. Lacap, E. Estacio, A. Podpod, A. Salvador
Time-Resolved Photocurrent Spectroscopy of an LPE-Grown GaAs/AlGaAs Heterojunction Device PDF
C. Ison, E. Estacio, J. Laniog, A. Salvador
Terahertz-Time Domain Spectroscopic (THz-TDS) Measurement of Moderately-Doped Silicon Using InAs Emitter Under Magnetic Field PDF
A. Quema, M. Migita, S. Nashima, M. Hangyo
A Focus on Streaming Instability as a Probable Cause of Dispersion in the Sheet Plasma Negative Ion Source PDF
Gene Blantocas, Henry Ramos
Electrical and Optical Characterization of AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs P-n Junctions Grown via Liquid Phase Epitaxy PDF
J. N. Laniog, K. M. A. N. Bautista, M. G. Patricio, R. V. Sarmago, A. A. Salvador
Color-Texture Image Analysis of Coral Reefs PDF
Ma. Sheila Angeli Marcos, Maricor Soriano, Wilma Oblefias, Miledel Quibilan, Caesar Saloma
Learning Capability of a Simple Neural Network PDF
Dranreb Earl Juanico, Christopher Monterola, Caesar Saloma
Spatial Resolution of Weakly Reflecting Objects in Confocal Optical Microscopy PDF
Giovanni Tapang, Caesar Saloma
Multiple Light Scattering in Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals: A Monte Carlo Simulation PDF
Serafin Delica, Carlo Mar Blanca
Accuracy of a Neural Network Differential Equation Solver PDF
Christopher Monterola, Caesar Saloma
Effects of Noise Coherence on Stochastic Resonance Enhancement in a Bithreshold System PDF
Marisciel Litong, Yoshinori Hayakawa, Yasuji Sawada
Thermodynamics of a One-Dimensional Gravitational Gas in a Uniform External Field PDF
Nelson Caroy, Jose Perico Esguerra
Derivation of Third Order MHD Equations PDF
L. Jirkovsky, l. Bo-ot
Characterization of the Magneto-Optical Trap for Rb Atoms PDF
John Liwag, Joseph Manyaga, Marlon Patiño, Marc Ravacio, Kees Karremans
Computer Generated Holograms Applied to 2D and 3D Objects PDF
Marites Labora, Harold Bulanon, Armilyn Manlosa, Georgia Lawas, Victor Arni Sicam
Acoustical Methods for Detecting Internal Infestation of Mango Pulp Weevil (Sternochetus frigidus Fabr.) on Raw Mangoes (Mangifera indica L.) PDF
Nelio Altoveros, Rogel Mari Sese, Celia Medina
Optical-feedback Semiconductor Laser Michelson Interferometer PDF
Peter John Rodrigo, May Lim, Caesar Saloma
Study on the Lifetime of Muon Decay PDF
R. L. Reserva, E. P. Jacosalem, R. S. Solidum, A. M. Bacala
Structural Studies of Polythiophenes: An Ab Initio Evaluation of Coupling Through α and β Carbons PDF
A. C. Alguno, R. V. Bantaculo, R. M. de Asis, R. M. Venquizo, A. A. Castillon, A. S. Dahili, H. Miyata, A. M. Bacala
Development of a Beowulf-Class High Performance Computing System for Computational Science Applications PDF
Rafael Saldaña, Jerrold Garcia, Felix Muga II, William Yu
Activities Used for Interactive Teaching of Magnetism and Electro-Magnetic Induction PDF
Victor Arni Sicam, Rosea van den Berg, Ed van den Berg
Forecast of the Dynamics of the Undecided Population in a Public Opinion Poll by a Neural Network PDF
C. Monterola, M. Lim, J. Garcia, C. Saloma
Simultaneous Ground-Based Observations of Electric and Magnetic Field Variation Near the Magnetic Equator for Space Weather Study PDF
K. Yumoto, M. Shinohara, K. Nozaki, E. A. Orosko, Fr. V. Badillo, D. Bringas, the CPMN, the WesPac Observation Groups