Implementation of Multimodal Public Transportation Route Planner for Metro Manila

Chelcie Narboneta, Kardi M. Teknomo


The transportation network is continuously being congested. One way governments all over the world have been trying to solve this problem is by urging commuters to shift from using private transportation to public transportation. While many countries have been successful in this, the Philippines is being left behind with its ever-worsening Metro Manila traffic problem. This paper aims to share the researchers' experiences in implementing a public transportation route planner based on OpenTripPlanner for the general reference of commuters in Metro Manila. The said system aims to provide direction to all kinds of commuters on how to go around Metro Manila, equip them with additional important travel information, guide them in transfer points from one transportation mode to another, and produce analytical studies regarding public transportation to relevant offices and organizations. All these follow the researchers' goal of providing ways for a more sustainable transportation network in the long run.


Route planner, multimodal, public transportation, Metro Manila, OpenTripPlanner