UNTOLD STORIES: Tales and Directions of Alternative Learning System (ALS) in Antipolo City

  • Khristian Ross P. Pimentel Antipolo National High School
  • Mara Ang Antipolo National High School


Education is a means to equalize opportunities for all, but it can also multiply inequalities when individuals fail to have one in a society that esteems merits. Through the years, Alternative Learning System (ALS) has served as a solution to provide education to students who could not follow in the regular classroom setup, but pressing challenges persist that need to be addressed for the program to succeed. Hence, the researchers investigated the current situation and track of ALS in Antipolo City. A total of 25 ALS teachers served as the respondents of the study, which used the descriptive method of research. Data were gathered through test and interview.

Results revealed that there were only 35 Instructional Managers in the entire division of Antipolo catering a total of 2289 registered regular learners, resulting to a ratio of 1:65 per class. It is also found that some opted not to teach for they do not receive the quarterly honorarium anymore. ALS teachers had upper mastery level in their Communication Arts Skills test, but most skills were least mastered. Moreover, like regular non-English teachers, ALS teachers displayed anxiety when taking a diagnostic test in communication arts skills. Formal schooling strategies and ALS teaching strategies posed some similarities and differences.

The untold stories of teachers in the focus group discussion revealed that much work is needed to strengthen ALS in Division of Antipolo City. The Division has produced outputs as far as ALS in concerned though the years, but to sustain and improve the program, it has to hear its needs.

Among the recommendations were the following: Refuel the passion of the ALS teachers in teaching by conducting capacity building seminars and workshops; consider the sentiments of the ALS teachers, and update and check the availability of the appropriate instructional materials for ALS students; prepare a much reliable and valid test focusing on English proficiency as well; A&E test should be revisited.