GUILLERMO GOMEZ WINDHAM: Lineas bio-bibliograficas y unos poemas

Andrea Gallo


This paper details the results of my research on the Philippine author Guillermo Gómez Windham (1880-1957). Coming from a distinguished family from Iloilo, he was born and raised during the Spanish era. He held a high position in the government office during the American period and carried out prestigious posts in the State administration after independence. However, Gómez Windham had a natural passion for the letters: he wrote original novels, stories, articles and essays, both on cultural topics as well as on political economy. He wrote predominantly in Spanish, although he published some works in English and had part of his work translated into English. In 1922, he was the first author to receive the Zobel Prize for his book La carrera de Cándida. Together with other intellectuals of the period – among them Jesus Balmori, Manuel Bernabe and Claro M. Recto – he founded the Academia Filipina de la Lengua, for fifteen years of which he was director.


Guillermo Gomez Windham, Filipino literature, Hispanophilippine Literature, Spanish-Philippine Literature, Literatura hispanofilipina

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ISSN: 2012-0788