E-Government in the Philippines: Benchmarking against Global Best Practices

Emmanuel C. Lallana, Patricia Pascual, Edwin Soriano


International ICT Benchmarks verify the Philippine government’s overall capacity to enhance citizen’s access to government service and increase bureaucratic productivity. The Network Readiness Index (NRI) measure a country’s potential in a networked world. A similar undertaking, the ASEAN e-readiness survey, compartmentalizes the ASEAN Nations into four levels of e-development: emerging, evolving, embedding, and extending. The Philippines is currently in the evolving stage in terms of e-government readiness. The World Market Research Center and the Brown University Survey discovered that e-government practices around the globe are falling short of their real potential. The internet’s interactive capacities are not maximized due to incoherent economic, social, political infrastructure among nations. Overall, e-government in the Philippines can be enhanced by the presence of ICT champions, technological empowerment of the people, adequate IT resources to local governments, reinvigoration of crucial frontline government services and continuous information education for the public.

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