Local-National Dynamics and Framing in South Korean Anti-Base Movements

  • Andrew Yeo


This article discusses the dynamics of anti-base coalition movements in South Korea, with particular attention to the role of framing. With two anti-base movement campaigns as case studies—the movement against base expansion at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek, and the anti-base movement that led to the eventual closure of Kooni Firing Range in Maehyangri—the author argues that effective mobilization in anti-base movements requires striking a balance between the movements’ focus on local and national issues regarding US military bases. Moreover, although political opportunity structures and mobilization resources are often given more weight within the political process model of social movements, local-national tension that exists within South
Korean anti-base movements highlights the importance of framing contention in antibase movements.


anti-base movements; coalitions; South Korea; protests; framing; mobilization