High Hopes Amidst a Wasted Legacy

  • IBON Databank Staff


The Marcos family now in exile, President Aquino is in charge of leading the country in the face of resources, talents and energies bled dry. Rebuilding after the devastation will be a lengthy process, one that will require the massive support of the citizenry. This article reviews the 20 years in retrospect and discusses 10 major issues arising from the conditions on which the economy stands at this moment of rebuilding. Meeting basic needs, providing jobs, redistributing land, reviving economic production, strengthening labor, renegotiating debt, asserting sovereignty, reorganizing the bureaucracy, and cleaning up government are the tasks the current administration must accomplish in the process of rebuilding. In the final analysis, a redefining of economic priorities is called for. Despite the enormity of the damage that Marcos left behind, there are positive factors that when properly harnessed will enable President Aquino and the entire nation to surpass difficult problems and move forward. Crucial among these factors is the strong support of the Filipino people for Mrs. Aquino.


economy, Aquino, bureaucracy, land redistribution, labor, government