Polarization and the Quest for Alternatives

  • Fernando V. Cao


The polarization of any society between two hostile camps having irreconcilable social intentions usually produces a simplified paradigm of choice directed at the mass of unaligned population contained therein. Where there is polarization, the choice is either to side with those forces committed to the transformation of society or with those bent on the preservation of the prevailing order. In the Philippines, with an impending polarization based on the misguided dichotomy of communism vs. democracy as initiated by the rightist bloc, it becomes more necessary that social transformers hinge their methodologies onto more solid grounds. That is, cognizant of all the changes and problematics that the 1986 Edsa revolution ushered. A political program of polarization drawn from all these is therefore the immediate agenda of all proponents of social change.
From the Third World Studies Desk