Appendix 2.1: Celsa Hilao, et al. v. Estate of Ferdinand E. Marcos

Kasarinlan Philippine Journal of Third World Studies


Getting an “authentic” copy of this judgement online is difficult. The following was reproduced from a copy uploaded by columnist/blogger
Tonyo Cruz. Another (HTML) copy can be found in the blog Martial Law Files: A History of Resistance ( Counter-checking the fidelity of these reproductions was done by looking at an authentic-looking “offline” copy, found in the cumbersome pro-Marcos tome Let the Marcos Truth Prevail. This is how the book’s unknown editors/compilers described the decision: “Final Judgment of Judge Manuel Real for compensatory damages to some 10,000 human rights claimants without giving a chance for the defendant Estate of Ferdinand Marcos to present and rebut plaintiff’s evidences in gross violation of due process” (emphasis his/her/theirs) (c2004, 297). However, as appendix 2.3 shows, that was not the case.

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