Appendix 5.14: Introduction, Introductory Readings in Filipino Ideology

Kasarinlan Philippine Journal of Third World Studies


As previously mentioned, Marcos’s propagandists released books on the Filipino Ideology under their principal’s name. Below is the introduction to a curious book released by the President’s Center for Special Studies, which does not have an identified author nor a copyright page. By juxtaposing texts written by intellectuals such as Apolinario Mabini and Claro M. Recto with selections from works attributed to Marcos, the book tries to portray Marcos as a political thinker worthy of esteem like his intellectual forebears. However, the juxtaposition also has the effect of highlighting how lacking in novelty the Marcosian Filipino Ideology is; from the internal revolution (channeling Mabini) to self-reliance (echoing Recto), all of “Marcos’s” formulations were better enunciated by those who came before him.

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