Is NPA Sparrow Warfare Urban Terrorism?

Omar Tupaz


Most media perceive public reaction to the killings of lawmen by “sparrows” to be negative. Ordinary news items refer to “sparrow” warfare as “terrorism” and “dirty war.” To opponents of armed struggle within the Left, guerrilla warfare is “left adventurism,” pure and simple, or even “terrorism.” But for those within the Left who approve or remain open to armed struggle, this phenomenon needs to be studied deeper. To be able to answer the question raised regarding the alleged “terroristic” nature of the NPA’s sparrow warfare, it would be best to look back in history and examine the association between urban guerrilla warfare and “terrorism.” Much of the stereotyped images of guerrillas as “terrorists” and “bandits” have been eroded but this is true mainly for guerrillas fighting in the mountains and countryside but regard left-wing urban guerrilla warfare as urban “terrorism.”

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