The Coup Crisis and the Future

Kilusan ng mga Nagmamahal ng Bayan


This paper analyzes the 1 December 1989 coup crisis and the possible framework for its resolution with special emphasis on damage control and necessary reforms the government must undertake. By analyzing the events that preceded the coup attempts and integrating this analysis into the wider context of Philippine politics, the paper was able to come up with a comprehensive history of the coup and rebel movements that started with the 1986 EDSA people power.

Inadequate government response such as inability to act on pieces of information, failure to respond to the conditions that allowed the attempt to be made despite the several coup attempts in the pat three years, and public dissatisfaction, were said to be the contributing factors that added to the intensity, duration and destruction of the last coup attempt.

For the government of President Corazon Aquino to move towards crisis resolution, it has to strengthen its resolve to uphold democracy and institute reforms. Synthesizing the data collected, the paper suggested that damage control, such as countering rebel propaganda, establishing presidential resolve; and internal reforms, especially in the police and military institutions are needed to resolve the present crisis.


1 December 1989 coup; Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP); Kilusan Papers; Corazon Aquino; Social conditions in the country circa 1989; 1986 EDSA People Power

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