The Question of Development and Democratization

Alexander R. Magno


This article focuses on the competing models of development in the Philippines and the dilemma that burden present polices. Starting from the Marcos Regime, this paper looks into the “technocratic authoritarian” rule used by Marcos to espouse “developmentalism” at the expense of the destruction of democratic institutions, suspension of civil liberties and suppression of internal opposition. Some of the Marcos regime’s development strategies focused on the nationalization of industries and increasing the absolute number of state personnel. These policies ushered problems for the authoritarian model as it created a debt problem in our country and spread cronyism which is challenged by the expanding countryside insurgency and declining population confidence.

The development model followed by President Aquino is characterized by liberalization, de- nationalization and privatization.

The last model discussed is the emerging model of “Popular Democracy”. Drawing its impetus on the recent trend in increase support for the popular movements and increasing community organizations, it begs the question, how should the Aquino administration go about development and democratization?


Popular Democracy; Corazon Aquino; Ferdinand Marcos; Developmentalism; Authoritarianism

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