The New Asia-Pacific Security Environment and the Philippine Military

  • Meliza M. Makinano


This paper aims to make a brief description of the post-cold war security situation in the Asia-Pacific region and its impact on the Philippine military. It begins by taking note of the far-reaching effects and implications of the conclusion of the Cold War on the global, regional, and national security environments. This is followed by a discussion of specific issues emerging in the Asia-Pacific which affect the security of states in the region. These are 1) the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; 2) illegal drug trafficking; 3) territorial disputes, specifically the South China Sea dispute; 4) the rise of politicized Islam; 5) international terrorism. In response to this new national security environment, the Philippine government initiated the modernization of its armed forces, the AFP. As a credible armed force in the new millennium, the AFP should be able to effectively and fully perform its mission to defend Philippine sovereignty, protect and preserve the country's national patrimony, and assist the government in its development goals and objectives.