An Exploratory Study on Emotional Labor: The ‘Invisible’ Work of Teachers

  • Ronahlee A. Asuncion SOLAIR UP Diliman


Emotion is an integral part of the teaching profession. Teachers play various and complex roles that demand the use of emotions at work. Emotions are embedded in the profession as they are part of the performance of one’s job as a teacher. However, the emotional labor of teachers can be considered ‘invisible’ as this is one aspect of their work that is often neglected and taken for granted. This research looks at the emotional labor component in the job performance of basic education teachers. As evidenced by the narratives presented in the paper, basic education teachers are compelled to carry out tasks that necessitate emotional investments. The range of emotions teachers experience at work is wide, which greatly affects not only their teaching effectiveness but, more than anything else, their quality of life. The many demands of the teaching profession make basic education teachers vulnerable to various occupational hazards and stresses. Thus, it is high time that the psychological health and overall well-being of basic education teachers be given due importance and attention. After all, in the world of work, teaching is considered a noble profession.

Author Biography

Ronahlee A. Asuncion, SOLAIR UP Diliman

Dr. Asuncion is Dean and Associate Professor of the School of Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of the Philippines.