Towards Achieving Total Decent Work: Occupational Safety and Health Issues, Problems and Concerns of Filipino Domestic Workers

  • Ronahlee A. Asuncion SOLAIR UP Diliman


Domestic work is precarious. Researches on domestic workers confirm that this labor sector is vulnerable to abuses, maltreatment and unfair labor practices, having to deal with various challenges in their day-to- day work. As such, they suffer from various occupational safety and health (OSH) issues, problems and concerns. Among these are exposure to high concentration cleaning chemicals; physical, sexual, and verbal abuse; inadequate accommodation; exposure to household risks; serious injuries from using knives, hot irons and electrical appliances; little or inadequate medical treatment; poor ergonomic conditions; long working hours; lack of rest and more. This situation is heightened considering the nature and their place of work. In the absence of intervention programs like those offered in the formal employment set up, Filipino domestic workers have
developed various coping mechanisms in order to survive at work.

Author Biography

Ronahlee A. Asuncion, SOLAIR UP Diliman

Dr. Asuncion is Dean and Assistant Professor at the School of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of the Philippines Diliman.