Employee Engagement and Organizational Commitment: Some Evidence from Government Financial Institutions

Chona H. Torres, Virgel C. Binghay


This paper examines the relationship between employee engagement and organizational commitment in three select government financial institutions (GFIs) in the Philippines. Eight hundred ninety-seven rank and file employees participated in the survey. Focus group discussions (FGDs) with selected participants were utilized to probe the survey results. Findings revealed that GFI employees are highly engaged and committed to their organizations’ goals and values. Female and married employees who had been in government service for more than 10 years had higher levels of engagement and higher affective commitment to their organizations. This was expressed in their emotional attachment to and identification with their respective organizations. It was found out that the higher the level of employee engagement in GFIs, the higher the affective organizational commitment and the lowest for continuance with normative commitment in between them.

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