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Kawai, Shin, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan


Labrador, Lou, SOLAIR UP Diliman
Lansbury, Russel, Economics and Business (H69), University of Sydney
Lansbury, Russell D., University of Sydney, Australia
Lee, Kwang Dong, Yeungman University, South Korea
Legaspi, Giovanni Francis, Asian Institute of Tourism, University of the Philippines, Diliman
Limqueco, Peter, Journal of Contemporary Asia


Maayo, Geraldine C., SOLAIR UP Diliman
Macaranas, Bonifacio S., SOLAIR UP Diliman
Macaraya, Bach M., SOLAIR UP Diliman
Mahy, Petra, University of Oxford. Visiting Professor to the School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SoLAIR) at the University of the Philippines.
Mamkoottam, Kuriakose, University of Delhi, India
Maquito, Ferdinand C., Sekiguchi Global Research Association
Marasigan, Mary Leian C.
Marasigan, Mary Leian C., UP SOLAIR
Marasigan, Mary Leian C., SOLAIR UP Diliman
Martinez, Mark B.
Matula, Jose Sonny G., Federation of Free Workers (FFW)
McGuire, Donna, Global Labour University
Mckay, Steven C., SOLAIR UP Diliman
Mercado, Cesar, Development Center for Asia, Africa and the Pacific (DCAAP)
Mercado, Rosalinda C., SOLAIR UP Diliman
Milla, Sarah Amabelle A., SOLAIR UP Diliman
Morada, Hector B., Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics
Moraga-Galvez, Charmina, SOLAIR UP Diliman

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