Near-IR Spectral Imaging of Semiconductor Absorption Sites in Integrated Circuits

E. C. Samson, C. M. Blanca, C. A. Saloma


We derive spectral maps of absorption sites in integrated circuits (ICs) by varying the wavelength of the optical probe within the near-IR range. This method has allowed us to improve the contrast of the acquired images by revealing structures that have a different optical absorption from neighboring sites. A false color composite image from those acquired at different wavelengths is generated from which the response of each semiconductor structure can be deduced. With the aid of the spectral maps, nonuniform absorption was also observed in a semiconductor structure located near an electrical overstress defect. This method may prove important in failure analysis of ICs by uncovering areas exhibiting anomalous absorption, which could improve localization of defective edifices in the semiconductor parts of the microchip.

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