Simultaneous Ground-Based Observations of Electric and Magnetic Field Variation Near the Magnetic Equator for Space Weather Study

K. Yumoto, M. Shinohara, K. Nozaki, E. A. Orosko, Fr. V. Badillo, D. Bringas, the CPMN, the WesPac Observation Groups


In order to clarify the global nature of penetration mechanism of DP 2 electric fields from the polar to the day- and night-side equatorial ionospheres, and to understand the solar wind-Earth's magnetosphere coupling as a space weather study, we have carried out simultaneous magnetic and electric field observations using the Frequency Modulated-Continuous Wave (FM-CW) HF radar and the Circum-pan Pacific Magnetometer Network. The DP 2 electric fields caused by the solar wind interaction with the Earth's magnetic field may be imposed on the polar ionosphere, and the ionospheric DP 2 electric fields are penetrating instantaneously from the polar ionosphere into both the day- and night-side equatorial regions.

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