Variecolactol: A New Sesterterpene Lactone from the Sclerotia of Aspergillus auricomus (Gueguen) Saito

Florecita de Guzman, James Gloer, Donald Wicklow, Patrick Dowd


Variecolactol (1), a new sesterterpene lactone related to variecolin (2), has been isolated from the organic extracts of the sclerotia of Aspergillus auricomus. Structure determination of this compound was achieved primarily through HMQC, HMBC, and NOESY experiments. The known compounds dihydropenicillic acid (3) and penicillic acid (4) were also isolated from A. auricomus.


<i>Aspergillus auricomus</i>; sclerotia; sesterterpene

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