Effect of Malathion on Sperm Morphology of Mice

  • Imelda Pagulayan
  • Zenaida Gutay-Baoanan


This study dealt with the determination of the effect of Malathion on the sperm morphology of mice. Male mice were treated intraperitoneally and orally with doses of 115 mg/kg and 460 mg/kg body weight. The former induced more sperm morphology abnormalities than the latter treatment. Abnormalities on the acrosomal/head morphology and incidence of headless sperms were analysed through smear preparation. The incidence of variant abnormal shapes of the acrosome was found to be dose dependent with almost 4-fold increase, whereas frequency of headless sperms was age dependent. The types of abnormalities were observed in the following order of decreasing incidence: amorphous> rhomboid> beak > balloon> distally branched > banana> funnel> sunflower > calyx branched > double headed. Changes in the head shape may be correlated to changes in the motility and penetrating capacity of the sperms, with balloon type as the most critical because of absence of hook which is vital for the entry of sperm to egg.