Inhibitory Effects of Some Philippine Medicinal Plants on Germ Cell Genotoxicity of Methylmethansulfonate, Tetracycline, and Chloromycetin

Clara Lim-Sylianco, F. R. Blanco


Methylmethansulfonate, tetracyline, and chloromycetin were shown to be genetoxic to germ cell. These genotoxins induced reduction in fertility index, gestation index, and implantation index. The percentage dead implants and percentage of females with resorptions were increased.

Decoctions from bayabas, kalatsutsi, kamias, kogon, makabuhay, malunggay, mayana, sambong, tanglad, and ulasimang bato increased fertility index, gestation index, implantation index, and reduced percentage dead implants and percentage of female with resorption.

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