Standardization of Thermal Processes for Local Foods with Emphasis on Low-Acid Foods

  • Estrella Alabastro
  • Virginia Magluyan


The minimum process for selected low acid foods was established based on the thermal death time (TDT) of P.A. 3679 in the food and the heat penetration characteristics of the food products. The products studied were: (a) vegetable products - green papaya, langka, sitao, mushroom, waterchestnut and baby corn; (b) meat products - lechon, paksiw, dinuguan, longaniza and caldereta; and (c) seafood products - squid adobo. The integrated lethality approach was adopted for process calculations recommended by Stumbo (1973).

The minimum thermal process was tested by a pilot scale production followed by microbiological, physico-chemical and sensory evaluation tests to check the soundness of the product.

Preliminary research on the effect of the minimum process established on the retention of nutrients, particularly thiamine, was also carried out for lechon paksiw and sitao.