Ang Paghiraya sa Nasyon: Ang mga Pagdiriwang ng Anibersaryo ng Komonwelt ng Pilipinas (1936-1941)

  • Michael Charleston B. Chua


The paper will revisit the forms and themes of commemoration of the anniversary of the Philippine Commonwealth every November 15 from 1936 to 1941. Similar to the present-day State of the Nation Address, the celebrations reflected the mood and sentiments of the government and served as the articulation of how the ruling elite democracy imagined the nation that would be established under the guidance of the United States of America. (1) The plans for national defense, (2) the loyalty of America, (3) the achievements of the Commonwealth government, (4) optimism for the future, (5) Pres. Manuel Quezon, the Great Leader, and (6) the excellence and capabilities of the Filipino, became the common themes of the celebrations reinforced yearly to rally the citizens to imagine the nation with the government in a ritualistic gathering.


Dambuhalang Pagkakahating Pangkalinangan, Hinirayang Pamayanan (<i>Imagined Community</i>), Paggunita ng Komonwelt, Pulitikang Quezonian