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Political Economy of Ideas

Table of Contents

Notes from the Editor

Projects of Power, Discourses of Dissent PDF
Edsel L. Beja Jr. 1-4


The Battlefields Chosen by Contemporary Imperialism: Conditions for an Effective Response from the South PDF
Samir Amin 5-48
Globalization and Alterglobalization: Global Dialectics and New Contours of Political Analysis? PDF
Dominique Caouette 49-66
Masses, Power, and Gangsterism in the Films of Joseph “Erap” Estrada PDF
Rolando B. Tolentino 67-94
Navigating the Indonesian-Philippine Border: The Challenges of Life in the Borderzone PDF
Djorina Velasco 95-118
Regional Economies: Divergence in Activity and Convergence in Development PDF
Luis F. Dumlao 119-148

Feature Reviews

Revisiting Marxism in the Philippines: Selected Essays PDF
Jaime B. Veneracion, Temario C. Rivera, Mila D. Aguilar, Eduardo C. Tadem, Nepomuceno A. Malaluan, Ramon G. Guillermo 149-167


Cultural Studies and Political Economy: Towards a New Integration PDF
Patrick Flores 168-171
Globalization, Democratization and Asian Leadership: Power Sharing, Foreign Policy and Society in the Philippines and Japan PDF
Matthew Santamaria 172-173
Primed and Purposeful: Armed Groups and Human Security Efforts in the Philippines PDF
Ed Quitoriano 174-178
Realizing the ASEAN Economic Community: A Comprehensive Assessment PDF
Gwendolyn Tecson 178-182


Edited Proceedings of the Workshop on Economic Policymaking and the Philippine Development Experience, 1960-1985 PDF
Yutaka Katayama, Cayetano W. Paderanga Jr., Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem, Temario C. Rivera


Acknowledgement PDF

ISSN: 2012-080X