Effects of Creative Pedagogical Environment on Student Mathematical Ability and Creativity

Ronaldo San Jose


This study investigated the effects ofpedagogical environment on students’mathematical creativity and ability. It alsoprobed if mathematical ability predictsmathematical creativity. A quasiexperimentalpretest-posttest two-groupdesign was utilized involving 98 students intwo third year high school geometry classes.Creative pedagogical environmenteffectively enhanced and developedmathematical creativity aspects, particularly,fluency, flexibility, originality, frequency,synthesis, and structuring as well asmathematical ability processes, namely,problem solving, reasoning, communication,connection, and representation. Mathematicalability significantly and positively predictsmathematical creativity. However, when theeffects of mathematical ability processeswere simultaneously considered, onlyproblem solving and reasoning remained aspositive predictors, with reasoning as themore significant predictor. Further researchcan be done on the effects of pedagogicalenvironment on self-efficacy, mathematicsanxiety, mathematical imagination, andcreativity-attitude.

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