Family and Home Factors that Facilitate Talent Development and Achievement Among Distinguished Filipino Women

  • Myra Trinidad T. Tantengco


In 2009, fifteen distinguished Filipinowomen from the fields of entrepreneurship,government and media participated in aqualitative research to examine their talentdevelopment and achievement. This articlediscusses a part of that study, specifically thepositive effects of (1) parents’ educationalattainment, (2) parenting styles, (3) homeenvironments, and (4) individuals whoinfluenced their development and achievement.Results show that the participantswere generally raised by college educatedparents. However, whatever their educationalattainments were, the parents believedthat providing education to their daughterswas important for their future. Half of theparents demonstrated authoritative parentingstyles. The participants were raised in homeswhich generally (a) emphasized independenceor interdependence, (b) focused onthe child, (c) had varying levels of stress,(d) gave importance to family membershelping one another, and (e) had low tomoderate levels of parental warmth. Amongthe persons significant to their developmentand achievements were their parents,spouses, and children. Implications onparenting, teaching and guiding gifted,creative and talented girls are discussed.