Career Plans of Mentally Superior Filipino Adults

  • Frances Olivia M. Magtoto University of the Philippines Integrated School


The study on which this article is based described the career plans of 34 pairs of mentally superior young adults (MSYA) living in the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines. These career plans were identified and categorized from different theoretical models including Sternberg’s Balance Theory of Wisdom and Super’s Life-Span model. The MSYA career plans adequately covered the aspects of study, work and personal finances, home and family, community service and thanksgiving, health and leisure activities, and plans for settling down. The sample was not found to be representative of the typical Filipino family as majority were from the upper class. Methods used were interviews, surveys, rating scales, and nonparametric statistical treatment. It was found that wise career plans are an intricate interplay of self-concept development, well-established home-school partnerships, and support from an identified group of people coined to be the MSYA Village.