Proper Education for the Muslim Filipino Children from Muslim Parents’ Perspective

  • Joel C. Javiniar College of Education, University of the Philippines - Diliman


This paper presented the findings of an intrinsic single case study about the desired education of Muslim Filipino parents for their children in a public school. Muslim Filipinos, being a minority group, face challenges in providing relevant and appropriate education for their children. The study aimed to find out the kind of education perceived by Muslim parents to be proper to their children. Ten Muslim Filipino parents from a public school implementing the Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education (ALIVE) Program in Cainta, Rizal were interviewed. Their responses were coded to generate themes that characterized their idea of proper Muslim education. The study found that Muslim Filipino parents expressed their desire for a holistic education that would prepare their children to become productive citizens and at the same time good Muslims. The process of educating Muslim Filipino children to become good Muslims required attaining knowledge about their Muslim identity. They also needed to be challenged to live responsibly and ethically with the Quran as criterion for living. Moreover, the study provided affirmation for the implementation of the ALIVE program as instrument of inclusive education for Muslim Filipino children. The findings provided invaluable inputs for educational administrators in developing improvement plans, programs, and projects related to inclusive education like Muslim education. Since the study showed their concern with their children’s education, parents need to assume a more active role in the educative process. With the recognition of the peculiar educational needs of Muslim Filipino children, teachers need continuing training on exemplary teaching practices that recognize and affirm diversity of learners.


Keywords: ALIVE program, holistic education, inclusive education, Islamization of education, Madrasah,  Muslim Filipino children, Muslim Filipino parents


Author Biography

Joel C. Javiniar, College of Education, University of the Philippines - Diliman

Joel C. Javiniar holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Educational Administration) degree which he earned at the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2010. He is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Administration Area of the UP College of Education. His areas of expertise are in educational administration (Basic and Higher Education) and guidance and counseling. His research interests include  educational leadership and management, quality assurance, teacher education, comparative educational administration, Muslim education, inclusive education, economics of education, counseling supervision, and guidance program development.