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R. David Zorc has been blessed with over 40 years of experience in comparative-historical linguistics, lexicography, language teaching, language analysis, curriculum development, and applied linguistics. He has conducted research on 80 languages of the Philippines, Aboriginal Australia, Armenia, and Africa, encompassing the Austronesian, Bantu, Cushitic, Indo-European, and Pamañ Nyungan language families. His publication of 31 books on 24 languages, 40 journal articles, and 30 presentations at international conferences solidifies his reputation as one of the world's leading authorities on the less-commonly taught languages, especially of the Philippines. He has produced six dictionaries (Aklanon, Eastern Armenian, Somali, Tagalog Slang, Filipino Etymological, and Yolngu Matha). He was awarded the Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC Distinguished Professorial Chair in Linguistics and Language Education by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines on February 26, 2005.