Where are the Neolithic Landscapes of Ilocos Norte?

Peter Bellwood, Janelle Stevenson, Eusebio Dizon, Armand Mijares, Emil Robles


This paper reports the results of an archaeological survey in Ilocos Norte in February 2008. It is suggested that problems associated with postglacial valley incision and subsequent Holocene infilling will result in a very fugitive record for the Neolithic, unless very deep prospecting is carried out, beyond the ability of field teams with hand augers. A presence of large shell middens can alleviate this problem, as in the Cagayan Valley, but none are reported from Ilocos Norte, owing perhaps to an absence of suitable estuarine conditions for dense shellfish populations. Ilocos Norte undoubtedly has a rich Neolithic archaeological record, but finding it might not be easy.

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