Analysis of Two Polished Stone Adzes from Ille Cave at El Nido, Palawan Island, Philippines

  • Alfred Pawlik Archaeological Studies Program


Since 1998, excavations are ongoing at Ille Cave in El Nido, Palawan Island. They have delivered a cultural sequence ranging from recent times down to the Upper Palaeolithic until now. Radiocarbon dates indicate the use of the cave as a habitation and burial site since more than 12.000 years. The burials and artefacts supply evidence for the intensive use of Ille cave during the Neolithic. Among the Neolithic finds are several adze blades and their fragments. Two complete and skillfully produced adze blades were subject to a detailed morphological and functional study. They both show significant traces of the manufacturing and use, thus allowing the reconstruction of prehistoric technologies and activities.

Author Biography

Alfred Pawlik, Archaeological Studies Program

A. Pawlik is Associate Professor of the Archaeological Studies Program, University of the Philippines. He received his Ph.D. in Prehistory from the University of T├╝bingen in 1995.