An Integrated System of Numerical Simulation and Visualization of Wave Penetration in Harbors

Eric C. Cruz


An integrated system of numerical simulation and graphic visualization of penetration by waves in harbors has been developed for use in Windows-based personal computers. This paper discusses the wave transformation model behind the computational engine, its numerical implementation, the design and integration of a graphical rendering sub-system, and the application of the system to both theoretical and practical wave penetration problems. The system is capable of simulating in space and time the three-dimensional wave field based on a set of vertically-integrated, phaseresolving equations accounting for wave nonlinearity and frequency dispersion in the shallow water region around a harbor, as well as in the deep water region in the offshore area. The visualization component has been designed to provide quick and meaningful representation of both input and transient variables, with diagnostic capability for the rendering of input parameters and post-processing capability for the synthesis of wave field statistics. The system is validated by applying it to fundamental wave propagation problems where analytical or measured data are available for comparison. The computational and visualization capabilities of the system are demonstrated by its application to wave penetration studies of actual harbors.

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