MP3 Decoder Using TI TMS320C6X DSP Chip

Bienvenido H. Galang Jr, Lemuel Q. Quiwa


MPEG I Layer III, more commonly known as MP3, is the de facto standard of digital audio compression. It is an open standard for low bit rate coding of audio signals. It is able to reduce an audio file up to a factor of 12 without losing fidelity-CD quality.

This paper describes the theory behind MP3 and the implementation of ISO/IEC 11172-3 Audio Layer III decoding using the TMS320C6X Evaluation Module. The software was written in ANSI C and it was cross-compiled through Code Composer Studio.

The project is able to decode an MP3 file, store the result in a buffer and play the decoded segment using the codec of the evaluation module, or it can store the PCM samples as a raw file. This raw file can then be played using software such as Goldwave.

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