Soya Oil as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engine

Ferdinand G. Manegdeg


The increasing concern on energy resources and the environment leads to a detailed analysis on the performance, emission and economy of compression ignition engine using alternative fuels. The objective of this paper is to present and compare the performance and emission characteristics of diesel oil and soya oil as an alternative fuel over a range of compression ratio at constant speed and injection rate and at the experimented optimum injection advance for maximum power in a compression ignition engine.

Results oof the fuel property measurements indicate that the empirical chemical symbol of soya oil is C₁₃H₂₂.₆O₁.₂ while diesel oil is C₁₄.₄H₂₆.₁. Soya oil can release 87% of the energy released by diesel oil. Soya oil has higher optimum injection advance for each compression ratio. Operating at optimum injection advance for maximum power and at higher compression ratios (r = 19:1, 20:1), the brake mean effective pressure of soya oil in 95% of the brake mean effective pressure produced by diesel oil, and soya oil is 10% less thermally efficient than diesel oil.

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