Selection Framework for Powerplant Capacity Mix

  • Ferdinand G. Manegdeg College of Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Marisol G. Portal National Power Corporation


This paper illustrates multi attribute decision analysis in selecting power plant capacity mix for the National Power Corporation that will meet the power demand of the Philippines by 2005. The objective of this study is to provide a framework for the decision-making analysis of the System Planning Department of the National Power Corporation. The preferences of two managers from the Systems Planning Department were elicited.

The preferences and value judgements of the two decision makers on specified levels of production cost (capital cost, operation and maintenance costs, thermal energy needed), fatalities, environmental degradation (radioactive waste, sulfur dioxide, air particulate, nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen sulfide releases), socio-political acceptance and land use were determined. There were ten (10) powerplant capacity mix alternatives generated.

The preferences model of decision maker 1 is multiplicative while decision maker 2 is multiplicative with additive sub-models. The alternatives that maximize the use of combined cycle gas turbine and the use of fuel oil were ranked first and second, respectively, by the decision makers.