Residue Handling and Soil Disturbance of an Inclined Tine Furrow Opener

  • Paterno C. Borlagdan International Research Rice Institute
  • Graeme R. Quick International Research Rice Institute
  • Reynaldo M. Lantin International Research Rice Institute


A vertical and an inclined tine-furrow opener, with 30⁰ angle of inclination with respect to the vertical axis perpendicular to the toll bar, were compared and evaluated at different rake angles (60⁰, 75⁰, 90⁰ and 105⁰) in terms of residue handling and soil disturbances.

Three straw conditions were used namely: 1) standing rice stubbles without cut straw. 2) standing stubbles with wet cut straws, and 3) standing stubbles with dry cut straws.

The thirty degree tine with 60⁰ rake angle has the best residue handling capability but with lifting effect on soil.  Inclined tine with 90⁰ rake angle has a neutral soil working effect. The residue handling capability of the vertical and inclined time decreases as the rake angle increases. Soil lifting effect was apparent at rake angles less than 90⁰. At rake angles greater than 90⁰ there was soil compression.