Survey of works on Philippine languages written by Chinese authors.

  • Farah C. Cunanan


This paper is a survey of works written by Chinese authors about Philippine languages. It aims to present these works in the context of their historical and social milieus through an examination of the rationale/imperative of these works and their common themes as an attempt to establish the contribution of Chinese authors to Philippine linguistics. A total of 178 works from 1580 to 2011, are listed and annotated, ten of which are newer editions, translations, or published editions (of theses and dissertations) of earlier entries. The list is arranged chronologically, with a note indicating the reference as well as an annotation from the same. Both note and annotation are written following the bibliographic entry. Annotation is also provided for works that were personally accessed.

Author Biography

Farah C. Cunanan
Farah C. Cunanan is Instructor at the Department of Linguistics, University of the Philippines, Diliman.


Philippine languages, Philippine linguistics, Chinese, Filipino-Chinese, Chinese in the Philippines