Isang Pagsusuri sa Korpus Ukol sa Pagbabago ng Wikang Filipino, 1923-2013

  • Maria Kristina Gallego University of the Philippines - Diliman


A detailed diachronic analysis is imperative in characterizing changes in a language. By means of a corpus analysis on issues of Liwayway Magazine published in 1923, 1951, 1969, 1995, and 2013, this study presents several indications of change in Filipino, such as in orthography and spelling, as well as in the lexical and structural aspects of the language. Since 1923, it can be observed that quite a number of lexical items have been lost or added to the language, not only in categories such as nouns and verbs, but also in conjunctions and other particles. Structural changes can also be observed, in which there is a decline in the usage of certain affixes and other constructions. Using the programs AntConc and Voyant Tools, patterns regarding the changes and development of forms in Filipino are discerned. Such changes presented in this study may be brought about by natural processes such as sound change, as well as by the interaction of Filipino with other languages, particularly with English. Despite the limited corpus utilized in this study, it can be said Filipino undergoes rapid change, especially at present. What was regarded as “rough” or “coarse” language before can possibly be regarded as standard in time. Despite policies regarding the standardization of Filipino, language change cannot be stopped as mutability is an intrinsic property of any language.

Author Biography

Maria Kristina Gallego, University of the Philippines - Diliman
Maria Kristina S. Gallego is an assistant professor at the Department of Linguistics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, where she teaches courses in linguistics and the Japanese language. She has published in journals such as Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints, Social Science Diliman, and Frontiers of Language and Teaching. She is currently involved in research projects on historical linguistics, language contact, and language change.


sosyolinggwistiks, pagbabago sa wika, Filipino, korpus na analisis, gramar