Shoot Apical Meristem Organization in Several Philippine Species of <I>Selaginella</I>

  • Prescillano Zamora
  • V. B. Bagaoisan-Cosico


This paper reports for the first time the occurrence of two types of shoot apical meristem organization on the main and lateral shoots of eight Philippine species of Selaginella: (1) shoot apical meristem with a single lenticular apical cell in S. cupressina and S. delicatula and (a) shoot apical meristem with a row of several prominent prismatic apical cells in the lateral plane in S. jagorii, S. halconensis), S. involvens (S. polyura, S. peltata), S. flagellifera (S. biformis), S. nummularia, S. aristata, and S. philippina (endemic).