An Account of the Accessioned Collections of the UP Biology Invertebrate Museum

  • Ronniel D.C. Pedales University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Gizelle A. Batomalaque University of the Philippines Diliman


The University of the Philippines (UP) Biology Invertebrate Museum has recently completed the curation of its accessioned collections of invertebrates. This paper reports on the availability of the said collections to the community of researchers studying invertebrates. The accessioned collections were assessed in terms of their taxonomic scope, geographical range, and chronological breadth. A total of 4,238 accessioned specimens are in the Museum, which is composed of 1,108 non-insectan arthropods, 1,149 cnidarians, 178 echinoderms, and 1,803 mollusks. The insect specimens, all of which do not have any accession numbers, are yet to be curated. A total of 1,185 species belonging to 621 genera are found in the collections. The Museum’s sampling activities were greatest in the western part of the Philippines, specif ically in Puer to Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Much of the Eastern regions in the Philippines are yet to be sampled, particularly the terrestrial habitats. Prolif ic museum contributors include Francisco Nemenzo, Sr. (709 specimen lots), Neon Rosell (327 specimen lots), and Fernando Dayrit (233 specimen lots). At present, plans for collection expansion is underway, to encourage collaborative research with other natural history museums.

Keywords: Inver tebrate zoology, museum, Philippine inver tebrate fauna, collection