Metonymy of NANG

  • Maria Kristina S. Gallego University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Louward Allen M. Zubiri University of the Philippines Diliman


The metonym NANG refers to the category that includes the forms ng and nang in Filipino. In various literatures, these morphemes are typically treated as linkers, markers and particles, among others (Kroeger, 1993; Schachter & Otanes, 1972). If we look at the different attributes of these elements, such as their syntactic distribution and formal and functional characteristics, we find that there is a motivation to group such morphemes into a single category.

This paper attempts to provide an analysis of NANG as a metonym based on its behavior, distribution, and current usage. In dealing with the status of NANG, we consider evidence from its distributional characteristics with various elements within the phrase and its behavior in preposed environments.

In presenting a more unified approach towards the analysis of problematic word-forms, we f ind that such issues connect with other f ields such as grammar writing, orthography, standardization, and language education.

Keywords: Metonym, particles, linkers, markers, syntax, Filipino