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Information for Authors

1.    Manuscripts must have a high degree of scholarship and social impact. They will have to be approved for publication by the editorial board and by selected national and international referees.

2.    Manuscripts must be relevant to the humanities of the Philippines, whether singly focused on it or in relation to other national cultures and contexts. Reviews of current scholarship, art exhibits, literary and theatrical work, concerts, architectural and clothing designs, etc. are welcome. Manuscripts written in languages other than English must be accompanied by an abstract in English.

3.   Manuscripts should not be less than 5,000 words but not more than 10,000. Reviews should be not more than 1,500 words. All manuscripts must be typed in double space.

4.   All contributions must be accompanied by a soft copy in Microsoft Word, in a diskette, or CD.

5.   All contributions must be original and must not have been published previously or submitted for publication elsewhere.

6.  Research procedures must be strictly followed. Citations or other forms of acknowledgment of sources are a must. Manuscripts must use the MLA style sheet. References must be listed at the end of the manuscript.

7.   It is the author’s responsibility to secure permission for the use of copyrighted materials.

8. Photographs should be of good quality, black and white or color prints. Color slides and digital photographs (300 dpi and above) are also acceptable. Line drawings or maps should be original in black waterproof ink on separate sheets. All illustrations should be numbered on the reverse, with the numbered captions on a separate sheet. Photographs and drawings will be returned to the authors after publication.

9. Contributions must be free of jargon. If technical terms cannot be avoided, a glossary must be supplied.

10. Contributions should be accompanied by approximately five lines of biodata. These can include the author's present position, area of expertise, previous publications and other relevant information.

ISSN: 2012-0788