Gradual Psychological Unfolding (GPU) Discussion Format and Reading Comprehension and Student Engagement

  • Diana G. Caluag University of the Philippines Integrated School


Discussions have remained a norm in classrooms because of their perceived effectiveness and convenience in developing reading comprehension and improving student engagement. However, there is a gap between theory and practice which this inquiry aimed to address.

The quasi-experiment lasted for twenty (20) one-hour sessions. It sought to identify the effects of Gradual Psychological Unfolding (GPU) discussion format on reading comprehension and student engagement using the t-test. Participants were 42 Grade Six students from a rural public school. Data were obtained using a validated comprehension test and an engagement survey and through observation and video-recording.

Findings indicate that GPU significantly affects reading comprehension and student engagement. Implications highlight the need to develop in students discussion-ready behaviors for success of classroom discussions. Recommendations to broaden the scope of research on GPU and its effects on specific ability groups, lengthen intervention duration, and test the effects using the mother tongue, were made.