Resilient Reintegration Scale for Filipino Adolescents

  • Cecilia M. Resurreccion University of Asia and the Pacific


This study developed the Resiliency Reintegration for Filipino Adolescents (RRS-FA) and proposed a framework for resilient reintegration. A mixed-methods approach was employed to develop the instrument. The qualitative design explored the construct of resilience through 16 resilient individuals. A quantitative phase was followed by conducting psychometric processes and field testing on 501 university students to establish the validity and reliability of the instrument. This resulted in a valid and reliable instrument, the 45-item RRS-FA. The Principal Component Analysis yielded four factors: 1) Positive Self-Esteem, 2) Emotional Stability, 3) Evidence of Growth, and 4) Resources, including Spirituality and Social Support. The findings emphasized the importance of accessing these “resources'' of spirituality and social support in sustaining resilience among Filipino adolescents.

Author Biography

Cecilia M. Resurreccion, University of Asia and the Pacific

Cecilia M. Resurreccion, Phd, RGC, RPsy, is the Executive Director of the Center for Student Affairs, University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). She is a registered Guidance Counselor and a licensed Psychologist.She finished her PhD in Guidance Education at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.