Holographic Studies on Human Femur with Internal Fixations

Percival Almoro, Marienette Morales, Regency Gueco, Roland Bundoc, Marlon Rosendo Daza


Double-exposure holographic interferometry is used to investigate the response of the human femur, with and without fracture, subjected to mechanical forces. The femur without fracture experienced uniform tension in the lateral side and uniform compression in the medial side. Fractured femurs stabilized by different internal fixators were investigated and significant differences in the dynamics were observed. The fractured femur stabilized by a plate and screws experienced greater bending in the upper portion than in the lower portion of the fracture. In the fractured femur stabilized by an intramedullary nail, the load was absorbed completely by the lower portion of the fracture.


biomechanics; orthopedics; bone fractures; holographic interferometry; double-exposure method; laser application

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