“Samples of each morphotype of P. grandiflora (Hook). (a.1.) Double Orange Petal, (b.1.) Single Pink Petal (c.1.), Double Pink Petal (d.1.), Double Pink-White Petal (e.1.), Single Yellow Petal (a.2.), Double Orange Sepal (b.2.), Single Pink Sepal (c.2.), Double Pink Sepal (d.2.), Double Pink-White Sepal (e.2.),Single Yellow Sepal (a.3.), Double Orange Leaf (b.3.), Single Pink Leaf (c.3.), Double Pink Leaf (d.3.), Double Pink-White Leaf (e.3.),Single Yellow Leaf. Figure was taken from Cao et al. p. 41-53 of this issue.”

Published: 2012-05-03