Cover Design:

Cadence, rubber, 244.5 cm x 87 cm, 1999, by Ikoy Ricio.

Two black strips of rubber with colorful feet thongs make up young artist Ikoy Ricio's installation. The rows of rubber represent the material before it is cut into 26 pairs of mainly mismatched flip-flops. Favoring found objects for their design elements, Ricio uses quotidian things and assembles them to make us even more aware of their fulfillment as artworks. He divides his time between book design projects and his fascinating installation art exhibitions. His previous works include alphabet books where all letters in each book are erased except for the letter that a particular book represents. He also collects colorful neighborhood plumber's advertising signs that are handmade, using enamel paint on iron sheets.

Published: 2007-02-28